Every fifth Russian company decreased its staff due to crisis


According to the opinion poll results more than half of the organizations aren’t going to reduce office costs, but many Russian companies look for cheap advertising and cancel corporate parties.

Every fifth Russian company has already decreased its staff due to the crisis. These are the data of a Polish recruit company Work Service that had asked one thousand Russian managers from various business regions of Russia.

It has been found out that 38% of entrepreneurs don’t strive to decrease its staff and reduce salaries; they have standby positions or wait for other alternatives to reduce costs. Answering questions they have said that due to the crisis they “haven’t taken any measures”.

As for those who had to reduce costs, 21% of respondents have decreased its staff and handed over part of its work to third party companies. Some of them have decreased its staff and have combined some positions. 14.5% of companies have decided to maintain the number of employees, but they have reduced salaries. Some employees work part time. 10% of employers have confessed the company is out of coping with former volume of work, having decreased its staff.

Due to the difficult economic situation some companies’ employees agreed to work for free one month, thus they have managed to avoid staff and salaries decreasing.

Property, advertising, corporate parties

Answering the question whether a company is going to change its office and reduce its costs, 52% of Russian businessmen have stated that “the office is the company's image” and that’s why they are not going to change it. 30% have said “the company has enough funds and the crisis hasn’t influenced the work”, 17% “have already started searching for new office locations”.

A small number of national companies have confessed they “have moved when the crisis has come,” because they “haven’t managed to pay the same price for their offices”.

As far as is advertising is concerned, 27% of Russian businessmen “have given up using expensive and inefficient advertising media”. 29% of companies “have started searching for free methods of giving information to their clients (social networks, blogs)” and 27% have started searching for “favorable partnership programs”. Nevertheless, 11% of the respondents consider “one shouldn’t save on advertising during crisis”.

As for administrative costs, one third of respondents have confessed they have to cancel corporate parties, 20% buy less stationery. About 9% of the respondents refused the services of clearing. Some companies have applied to participate in the government program on supporting small businesses. However, 28% have said that at the moment they don’t have to save on that.

The study was conducted by a Polish recruitment company Work Service that has more than 5,000 employees in Russia and 180,000 employees around the world.

Text and pictures by TASS