Entrepreneurs allowed to trade without documents until January 1, 2016


Entrepreneurs are allowed to run their business without quality certificates for light industrial goods until January 1 2016, announced Prime Minister Andrey Kobyakov. This is the main result of the meeting of the President with private entrepreneurs.

Until the end of the year, the import VAT will be increased up to index 4 in three stages. Now it equals 2.

"There will be no exemptions from January 1. We offer not to wait until the end of the year and begin to work on documents now, said the President to the entrepreneurs who were waiting for him in the lobby of the SEC "Expobel". We do not mean to suppress you economically; we want you to be moved to a new level."

According to Alexander Lukashenko, all the entrepreneurs will work under equal conditions from January 1, 2016.

"We have to switch to a civilized form of trade. This is not normal when we carry goods in bags without any documents. This is even humiliating. Nobody will work without documents in Belarus! Anyway, one day we will have to become civilized. Especially with my hard-line approach," said Alexander Lukashenko.

The Prime Minister, in his turn, called entrepreneurs to engage in a dialogue with the authorities. According to him, the country will have enough distribution centers to buy light industrial products. The Prime Minister stated that entrepreneurs should determine the range of goods themselves. Thus, Belarus wants to protect itself from the import of pirate goods.

"We`ll establish agencies that will manage distribution centers. Special working groups accountable to the regional executive committees will be studying the demand, said Andrey Kobyakov. Because the most important thing is your demand for the goods in distribution centers. The purpose of the document is to protect our market from the import of pirate goods that may compete with quality goods."

Entrepreneurs were satisfied with this decision.

Text and pictures by TUT.BY