Belarusian exports to US remain below 2010 level


After the 2010 elections, the Belarusian exports to the United States fell and never recovered at least up to the level of 2010. This is shown by the data of the United States Census Bureau.

Trade relations between the two countries were negatively affected by the brutal crackdown and arrests of the opposition activists during the latest presidential campaign in Belarus.

Belarusian supplies to the United States hit their bottom in 2013. That year they amounted to 104 mln. 895 thd. USD.

Last year, the Belarusian exports to the USA increased up to 131 mln. 458 thd. USD. However, the figure is small compared to the volume of supplies 7-8 years ago.

In 2007, Americans imported 1 bln. 33 mln. 64 thd. USD worth of Belarusian goods, 1 bln. 69 mln. 860 thd. USD in 2008. According to the statistics, 2006 was quite a good year for Belarusian exporters: 539 mln. 136 thd. USD and 573 mln. 882 thd. USD in 2009.

The major article of the Belarusian export to the US was oil products. In 2007-2008, the US market imported half a billion USD worth of fuel oil, and 400-450 mln. USD worth of other petroleum products in 2008-2009. As a comparison, there was no fuel oil supplied last year, and the cost of other petroleum products imported from Belarus to the United States amounted only to 76 thd. USD.

What Americans are interested in?

In 2014, the Belarusian suppliers of drilling and oilfield service equipment were first to trade with the United States: the amount of exports reached the record 50 mln. USD. However, Belarusian high-quality oil equipment is produced at joint ventures. For example, the control packet of shares of the Gomel JV "Seismotekhnika" belongs to the Italian concern Drillmec.

For many years, the Belarusian Steel Works has been represented in the US market by the joint venture in Florida. Zhlobin BMZ took second place in terms of supplying products to the United States.

As for new goods, for the first time in a decade the United States have imported Belarusian glass plates and sheets (8 thd. USD worth) and non-textile floor tiles (12 thd. USD worth). After a long break (since 2006), 6 thd. USD worth of Belarusian jewelry was supplied to the United States.

Text and pictures by TUT.BY