Average unemployment benefit in Minsk is less than $12.2 a month


By 1 April Minsk employment offices registered 3,976 unemployed who receive benefits. The average monthly payment is 174,900 rubles ($12.2 – ed), said the Minsk City Executive Committee on Labor, Employment and Social Protection.

“Different categories of citizens have different amounts of unemployment benefits. Depending on this, someone receives two basic amounts, someone - one. 174,900 rubles is the average benefit in Minsk,” specified Svetlana Leonchik, a representative of the Committee on Labor, Employment and Social Protection.

During the first quarter, specialists of capital employment services helped 2,010 people to find a job. The total number of people who needed a job was 9,027; 7,540 of them are officially unemployed by now. “Other citizens who addressed to employment services couldn’t be recognized as official unemployed. For example, students and senior citizens, as well as those who receive any income or are already employed somewhere. Some are looking for a second job; somebody wants to change the current job,” explained Svetlana Leonchik.

In this case, since the beginning of the year, 25 unemployed people have received subsidies as entrepreneurs. “They will carry out those economic activities that are actively developing in small business, first of all, conducting construction and repair works, as well as providing transportation and hairdressing services, working in the field of trade,” says the expert. To get a start-up capital, the unemployed had to pass refresher courses and training. In total, in the first quarter 367 people were retrained in Minsk employment centers.

Let us highlight that by 1 April Minsk companies offered 8,418 vacancies, 4,880 of which were blue-collar jobs.

Nowadays, capital companies need nurses (664 vacancies), medical specialists (385), room attendants (364), hospital cleaners (310) and salespersons (274). In addition, in-demand professions are cooks, cashiers, engineers, concrete workers and educators.

Text by TUT.BY

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