Almost 80% of Russians think country lives through economic crisis


Despite the crisis, the majority of Russians believe that the economic situation turned satisfactory, and it was impossible to avoid difficulties

78% of Russians are convinced that Russia is living through an economic crisis, according to the survey conducted by the Public Opinion Foundation among 1,500 respondents in 100 localities in 43 subjects of Russia on April 4-5. One in ten holds the opposite opinion (10%). Almost the same number of respondents (12%) couldn`t answer the question.

Most of those who believe that the country is experiencing a crisis, find it inevitable (44%). 20% of respondents think the current crisis could have been avoided. 15% couldn`t answer.

In general, according to 56% of Russians, the economic situation in Russia is satisfactory now; one third (34%) finds it bad. Only 3% of respondents believe that the economy of Russia is in good health now. 6% couldn`t answer.

According to 43% of Russians, the economic situation in the country has deteriorated in recent years. 33% of respondents see no changes in this sphere, 11% say economy has improved. 13% couldn`t answer.

Meanwhile, the relative majority of respondents predict growth in both oil prices and ruble exchange-value. So, 43% of respondents believe that oil prices will rise in the next few months (20% - will decrease, 37% couldn`t answer). The ruble exchange rate will grow, say 35% of Russians (25% - decrease, 40% couldn`t answer).

Personal income will reduce in the next few months, according to 66% of respondents (13% - increase, 21% couldn`t answer).

The unemployment rate, according to 72% of Russians, will drop (11% - will increase, 18% couldn`t answer).

Small business will not develop, 37% of respondents believe (28% - will develop, 34% couldn`t answer).

The sales of durable goods, as 38% believe, will increase (33% - will decrease, 30% couldn`t answer). The prices for goods, products and services will fall, believe 82% of Russians (9% - will grow, 9% couldn`t answer). 70% of respondents suppose housing prices will decrease (11% - increase, 19% couldn`t answer).

The financial and economic blocs of the government have recently been optimistic in predicting the future of the Russian economy. On Wednesday, the Minister of Economic Development Alexey Ulyukayev said that last year`s expectations concerning the economic downturn seemed to have been exaggerated. According to him, the Russian economy will return to growth in the fourth quarter.

He believes that this year`s recession won`t last more than three quarters. "Starting from the fourth quarter of this year and the first quarter of the next one, positive growth can be gradually achieved. In 2016, the 2-3% growth is expected with the regime of sanctions, which requires external debt repayments and the inability to refinance it," said Ulyukayev.

Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said earlier that Russia was beginning to recover from oil addiction, and its economy was stabilizing. He also admitted that at the end of the year the inflation rate may be lower than 12%.

Text and pictures by INTERFAX.RU