Lukashenko stars in documentary about Yeltsin


On 8 September, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko gave an interview for a documentary about former USSR diplomat and first Russian President Boris Yeltsin, the press service of the Belarusian leader reports.

Lukashenko shared his personal memories of the meetings withBoris Yeltsin; in particular, he recollected the first one. According to the Belarusian leader, he was impressed by Boris Yeltsin’s position on the first presidential elections in Belarus.

“Our small team, involved in the struggle for the presidency, wanted to develop our country differently, not the way it happened: empty shelves in stores, nothing to eat in Belarus, continuous strikes, riots, fights. The elections in Russia were won by an unknown person,” recalled Alexander Lukashenko.

The President of Belarus noted he still remembers Yeltsin, his wary glance, and complete silence during their first meeting. “And then, I do not know why, I said ‘Boris Nikolayevich, if you think I arrived in an alien Russia, you're wrong. If you think the Russian capital, Moscow, is your Moscow, you are making a mistake. It’s also my Russia, my Moscow, because yesterday it was the capital of my state (Moscow was the capital of the USSR – ed.). It’s not my fault we have a meeting as presidents',” Alexander Lukashenko highlighted.

The Belarusian President answered the questions about Boris Yeltsin’s activities in the context of the political and social events in the 1990s; he also spoke about the creation of the Union State of Belarus and Russia.

Boris Yeltsin presidential center deals with the preparation of the documentary.

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