Actor Mihai Volontir died


People's Artist of the USSR Mihai Volontir, known for his role of Budulai in the “Gypsy” film series, died aged 81 in Moldova, "Interfax" reports.

In his final months, the actor was in a critical condition at the hospital in Balti. He suffered from cancer and diabetes accompanied by eye complications. Volontir was almost blind in the closing stages of his life. He underwent several operations since the 1990s.

Nevertheless, the actor continued to work at the theatres until 2014.

Mihai Volontir was born in Moldova in 1934. During his long career, he played in many well-known films. Among them are "In the Zone of Special Attention", "From the Bug to the Vistula", "Traces of the Werewolf" and others. However, his most famous role is Budulai in the "Gypsy" and "Return of Budulai" films.

The actor was awarded the title of the People's Artist of the Moldavian SSR and the USSR People's Artist, and was bearer of the RSFSR State Prize.

Volontir lived in his hometown of Balti and left it rarely. He actively worked at the Moldovan theaters as an actor and director. The first documentary film about the actor was released in 2014.

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