Taganka director Irina Apeksimova: artistic director not to be appointed yet


"Appointing a person from above will always lead to the collision of opinions," added the director of the theater

Irina Apeksimova, appointed director of the Taganka Theater on March 4, is considering members of the troupe to be nominated for the post of an artistic director. She said this at the press conference in Moscow.

"An artistic director, in my opinion, should be responsible for the creative component, this is the leader of the troupe, said Apeksimova. Appointing a person from above will always lead to the collision of opinions. I can`t name the same great director as Yuri Lyubimov. We can look for a person within the troupe, or we may invite somebody from abroad, but first the directors of the theater should show their worth."

The director believes that among the major problems of the "Taganka", which is being renovated now, is the restoration of the room of the theater founder Yuri Lyubimov. "It is in a critical condition, there`re cracks in the walls," explained Apeksimova. The memorial area has already been examined by the Bakhrushin museum commission; a number of examinations are to be carried out.

"We will start the restoration from the memorial area, so as to finish it by Lyubimov`s centenary, which will be celebrated in 2017. If we have enough time, we`ll renovate Vladimir Vysotsky`s room."

Text and pictures by TASS