Sophia Loren opens exhibition by Russian artist Nikas Safronov


Lauren arrived in Moscow at the invitation of Safronov who celebrated his birthday on April 8 in the restaurant “Kvadrum”, located at the Four Seasons Hotel, where the actress stayed. The Italian star wasn’t present in the restaurant, saying she was tired due to the flight.

On Thursday Sophia Loren opened Nikas Safronov’s exhibition “Beskompromissnaya zhazhda krasoty” (“Uncompromised thirst for beauty” – ed) which included about 10 Loren’s portraits.

“I have loved Sophia Loren since my childhood. Such people are born once in one thousand years, earlier it was Nefertiti. Ms. Lauren has always been my muse. I thank this great woman, actress and philanthropist for having arrived,” said Safronov at the opening ceremony.

“Bravo!” exclaimed Lauren, cutting the red ribbon. Ms. Lauren visited the exhibition, which included about 10 portraits of her: “Cubic perception of Sophia Loren”, “Marine appearance of porcelain Sophia”, “House with a story”, “A Dream” and others.

Actors Emmanuel Vitorgan, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Moscow City Duma deputy Yevgeny Gerasimov, famous Russian hockey player Vladislav Tretyak, representatives of the Azerbaijani Embassy to Russia expressed admiration for the actress.

“Three portraits, which Ms. Loren chooses, will be my gifts for her,” Safronov assured RIA Novosti. According to the artist, he became acquainted with Loren at a social event in Italy in 1991 and since that time they met several times.

Text and pictures by RIA Novosti