Satirist Arkady Arkanov dies in Moscow


A well-known satirist dies in hospital at the age of 82

In Moscow at the age of 82 has died a well-known satirist and play writer Arkady Arkanov.

“Arkady Arkanov has died,” informs the website of the Moscow Academic Theater of Satire which the writer cooperated with.

On March 14 he felt bad while performing at the concert in memory of Grigory Gorin. He was taken to hospital, where he died on Sunday morning.

Arkady Arkanov (Arkady Steinbock) was born on June 7, 1933 in Kyiv. In 1957 he graduated from I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University. He wrote nearly 15 books. His works were published in the magazines “Yunost” (“The Youth”), “Literaturnaya gazeta” (“The Literary Gazette”). Arkanov is the Member of USSR Union of Writers (1968).

His plays were staged in the Theatre of Satire and Lenkom Theatre. He was an anchor of the TV shows “Vokrug smekha” (“Around the laughter”) and “Bely popugay” (“White Parrot”).

Arkanov was a decent and honest man, says his friend, a film director Yuli Gusman.

“The fact that Arkady was a great satirist and a talented writer, was known by everyone. But the fact that he was a decent and very honest man, unfortunately, is known only by those who talked to him,” said Gusman.

Gusman remembered that nearly for 30 years Arkanov had helped organize The Nika Award.

“Arkady has been with us since the very first Nika Award. 28 years ago Arkanov and Arkady Inin created a program “Arkady TASS”, or simply “ATAS”. His unique ability to say funny things with calm and unsmiling face was unbelievable,” specified Gusman.

He is convinced that for a long time nobody will talk about Arkanov in the past tense. “We understand that everything is over and that Arkady has left us forever. But it will take a long time to learn to apply the verb “was” to him,” concluded Gusman.

Arkanov was one of the “last gentlemen”, told “Interfax” Arkanov’s friend, a satirist, Arkady Inin.

“Arkanov was probably the last gentleman of our days. Even when Arkanov was in hospital in grave condition and then felt a little better, he went to have breakfast wearing a suit and a tie,” said Inin.

He recalls that Arkanov has never talked anyone about his illness. “In this sense, he has always been a true gentleman; Arkady has never told anyone about his serious illness. Only his nearest and dearest knew about it,” said the satirist.

Text and pictures by INTERFAX.RU