Russian movies forbidden in Ukraine


The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine forbade all the Russian movies where act force authorities members. Taboo is also enforced on the Russian series, launched after January, 2014. The Ukrainian channels have little time to make a decision. They have to find some alternative movies in two months after the law comes into force.

In Ukraine won’t be transmitted the movies where the leading and supporting characters are Russian military forces or where the plot is connected with a criminal investigation conducted by the Russian law-enforcement authorities.

These are all the movies filmed after 1991, says Viktoria Siumar, the co-chair of the People’s Front Party.

She also adds that this new law can’t be applied to the informational and analytical newscast.

The law covers new rules for the telecommunications market in Ukraine. The document says that the restrictions concern movies and TV materials, created by countries-aggressors. The only country named an aggressor by Rada is Russia. “When this decision is cancelled all the restrictions are invalid,” admits Nikolai Knyazhickiy, the co-legislator.

The restrictions come into force in two months after the law promulgation. Lawbreakers will be fined. Knyazhickiy highlights that the Parliament’s decision was an answer to the society’s demand.

According to Knyazhickiy “when there was made a decision, the deputies had standing ovations”.

Gradual restrictions

Partial restrictions on Russian TV materials broadcast came into force in Ukraine in 2014. For instance, in autumn the State Service of Cinematography forbade broadcasting movies and series where Mikhail Porechenkov acts (“Banditskiy Petersburg”/”The lawless St. Petersburg”, “Ulitsy razbityh fonarey”/”The streets of broken lamps”, “Spetsnaz”/”The special forces”) and many others, 69 movies overall.

At the beginning of December the similar restrictions were imposed on the 71 movies and series of another Russian actor – Ivan Okhlobystin.

According to the Ukrainian channels data more than a half programs and movies broadcast in Ukraine are filmed in Russia.

“We don’t know how to find a substitute,” says a representative of one of the biggest companies who wanted to remain unknown.

According to one of the opinions the Ukrainian TV companies should shoot their own movies or replace Russian programs by some foreign shows. But this process will take long years and will demand much money. TV companies don’t have enough money to change the Russian TV materials.

The Ukrainians had bought the movies where Porechenkov acts and they lost millions of dollars. No one knew about the possible restrictions.

After the law promulgation the State Service of Cinematography forbade some other Russian movies, reducing the number of available TV materials for the Ukrainians.

Text and pictures by GAZETA.RU