New Novosibirsk Theatre director took "Tannhauser"off repertoire


New Novosibirsk Theatre director Kekhman says Kulyabin avoids meeting with him

Vladimir Kekhman said that he couldn`t discuss the controversial performance because its director avoided him

The new director of the Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater Vladimir Kekhman removed the scandalous "Tannhauser" opera directed by Timofey Kulyabin from the repertoire, the source in the Theater administration informed the agency "Interfax".

"The information that the opera will be taken off the repertoire is true," the source said.

Later, the site of the Theater published Kekhman`s statements explaining the reasons for taking the performance off. "I have to inform that "Tannhauser" is removed from the repertoire. For two reasons. The first and the most important one: the director Timofey Kulyabin, with whom I intended to discuss the situation and the ways out of it, is avoiding me. I have tried to meet him for two days, but he never showed up. His assistant, on his behalf, is trying to lay down the prior terms of this meeting, which are totally incomprehensible to me," the director says in the statement.

"Thus, the intrigue is gone. I call for all the parties to put an end to this issue," he concluded.

At the same time, Kekhman noted the good quality of music in the performance, the recorded version of which he watched, "the excellent work of the troupe and the conductor."

According to him, the Theater still has to pay the conductor Aynars Rubikis for two performances of "Tannhauser" in March. "According to his agency, the conductor`s contract expired on December 31 2014, and Rubikis canceled all his performances in Novosibirsk, including yesterday's gala concert on the occasion of Tchaikovsky`s anniversary. I am negotiating with his agency now," said Kekhman.

The press service of the Theater reported that the new director was presented to the troupe on Tuesday. "He was introduced by First Deputy Minister of Culture Vladimir Aristarkhov, who also thanked Boris Mikhaylovich Mezdrich for his job," the press service reported.

According to the source, the new director said he was willing to cooperate with the ballet art director of the Theatre Igor Zelensky and to ask the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation to provide funds to "tart the Theater up."

"Nothing was said about "Tannhauser", the following performances had been scheduled for October, but their removal wasn`t discussed at the meeting," said the representative of the Theater.

In his turn, the former director Mezdrich thanked the troupe for cooperation. The interlocutor of the agency noted that his speech was followed by the applause.

As it was reported, on March 29, the order of the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation dismissed the Novosibirsk Theater director Boris Mezdrich in connection with the scandalous performance "Tannhauser".

Text and pictures by INTERFAX.RU