Most popular backgrounds for selfies


According to Daily Mail, experts of the tourist portal AttractionTix created a ranking of world points of interest that were popular among tourists who made selfies starting from 2015.

The first in the ranking is the Eiffel Tower. One of the most famous French attractions was posted more than 10,700 times in Instagram. Disney World of Florida became the second (9,900 posts), Burj Khalifa was ranked the third (8,860 posts).

In the Top-10 are Big Ben of London, Empire State Building of New York, the Coliseum of Rome, Sagrada Familia of Barcelona and others.

AttractionTix’s experts made another list that included only British attraction backgrounds. Big Ben is the first in this list, London Bridge is the second and Buckingham Palace is the third.

AttractionTix examined more than 219 million selfies. Every day Instagram’s users from all over the world publish more than 1 million pictures. Stars are among those users. For instance, an actor Hugh Jackman made a picture of him at Top of the Rock in NY, another actor Thomas Hiddleston used the Great Wall of China as a background and a rapper Puff Daddy took a picture next to Mona Lisa.

Text and pictures by RBC