Moscow City Duma to discuss initiative to fix up monument to Lennon in Moscow


Chairman of the Moscow City Duma Monumental Art Commission said that the erection of the monument has been initiated by a fund named "Third World". However, their initiative wasn`t properly justified, neither their official letter didn`t mention the funding sources.

On Tuesday, the Moscow City Duma Monumental Art Commission will consider the issue of erecting a monument to the British musician, member of The Beatles John Lennon.

Moscow has no need to memorialize Lennon

Head of the Moscow City Duma Commission for Culture Yevgeny Gerasimov admits that his generation has grown up on "The Beatles" music, and from the emotional point of view, it supports the initiative to fix up a monument to Lennon in the capital. But on the other hand, the musician has nothing to do with the history of the city, the deputy adds.

"This is a prominent person, who contributed to the international music culture. But in reality – what did Lennon do for Moscow, for Muscovites?" the deputy said to RIA Novosti.

Gerasimov also noted that he had found out the point of view of the Department of Culture on that issue. "They think that, with all the respect for Lennon, there is no reason to put the monument," he said.

Chairman of the Moscow City Duma Commission on Monumental Art Lev Lavrenov believes that Moscow doesn`t need a monument to Lennon: in his opinion, there are more outstanding personalities worth the monument, such as Bach, Beethoven, Mozart or Chopin. "We have no monuments to them. Only their portraits hang on the walls in the Great Hall of the conservatory. That's what we have in memory of them. And they deserve more," said Lavrenov.

Who will finance?

The proposal made by the "Third world" fund doesn`t provide that the initiators will fund the erection of the monument, according to Lavrenova.

"All the initiatives proposed in the letter don`t suggest funding on their part. These are just insights into what monuments could be put. We have a lot of dreamers like that. The initiative has no reasoning, neither funding, who will fix it up, and who will provide money? These are merely talks," said Head of the Monumental Art Commission.

Gerasimov, in his turn, noted that the initiators have no money for implementing their ideas: "They have nothing but love for the Beatles and Lennon." However, Lavrenov stressed that the Commission will consider the application of the fund on Tuesday and will arrive at some decision.

Lennon music center

Gerasimov also told RIA Novosti that the initiators propose not only to erect the monument, but also to found Lennon music entertainment center.

"It is not just about the monument. They say: "We need a monument, and we also want to open a two-storey restaurant somewhere by the monument," Gerasimov said.

However, the authors haven`t suggested any location for this center. Gerasimov advised them to decide what Moscow district would be appropriate to erect the monument and build the center, and then to apply to the prefects and municipal deputies to find a suitable place and to enlist the support of the local authorities. However, according to Gerasimov, there will be no such a place in the center of the city.

Text and pictures by RIA Novosti