Minsk City Executive Committee supports initiative to place tablets with historical names of streets


Minsk City Executive Committee supports the public activists’ proposal to place tablets with historical names in twenty capital streets. This is stated in the city government reply to the letter of Oleg Korban, the leader of the public association “Alternative” (Latvia).

Let us remind you that on 17 February the “Alternative” sent to Minsk City Executive Committee, Minsk City Council of Deputies and Ministry of Culture a collective appeal to place tablets with historical names of streets within the area of Nemiga, Upper Town, Trinity suburb, “Dinamo” stadium, Osmolovka, Independence Square and Independence Avenue. Among them are the streets Revolutsionnaya, Komsomolskaya, Sovetskaya, Herzena, Kommunisticheskaya, Ulyanovskaya, Karla Marxa, Internatsionalnaya, Kirova, Krasnoarmeyskaya, Paris Commune Square and others.

Korban said that Minsk Executive Committee officials “fundamentally support” the idea of duplicating historical names of capital streets, stating that the proposal was “timely and necessary”.

“They said to address their decision to a special committee, which deals with renaming of streets, squares, avenues, asking it to create the format for these tablets; they also found the organizations that will be able to manufacture the tablets,” explained the activist.

The “Alternative” leader noted with satisfaction that now “everything is being done to bring this idea to live as soon as possible.”

The answer to this public activists’ collective appeal came from the Ministry of Culture. The Ministry considered the proposal to be “a good idea that will help attract tourists to the city center,” and officials say although the “Alternative” idea implementation is beyond their competence, they “will support it by all available means.”

“I believe that our proposal was supported, as officials didn’t note any political stances or risks. They understood it could improve the tourism sector in the capital, as well as to some extent return to Minsk its historical appearance,” summed Korban.

Text and pictures by TUT.BY