Ministry of Culture to inspect funding of "Tannhauser"


The Ministry finds it necessary to apologize to the spectators and change the details violating religious feelings

The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation initiates an inspection of the financial and economic activities of the Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theatre, which has staged the scandalous opera "Tannhauser" by Richard Wagner, the press service of the Ministry of Culture states.

The statements says that the financial and economic activities of the theater will be inspected "due to the large number of inquiries about the amount of funding of the opera "Tannhauser" and about the director`s and actors` salaries."

The Ministry of Culture noted that they found it necessary to make certain changes to the performance, as well as to apologize to those whose religious feelings had been hurt. "Finding censorship unacceptable, we remind about our right, even our obligation under the principles of the state cultural policy, to take administrative and financial measures in relation to state institutions of culture in extreme cases, including our right to deny funding of such performances," said the statement.

The Ministry also said that it considered it unacceptable to show disrespect, intentionally or unintentionally, for traditional values, which the theater director and the stage director had shown. The Ministry also pointed Boris Mezdrich`s failure to manage the theater.

"Unfortunately, the leadership of the theater ignored first public outcries. This led to the escalation of the conflict, its turning from the public issue into the court case, which we also find unnecessary and unconstructive," says the statement.

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