“Leonardo da Vinci’s Inventions” exhibition In Minsk


“Leonardo da Vinci Inventions” exhibition starts its work in the National Art Museum from March 1. In the first week of the exhibition there are no tickets. The organizers set the average number of visitors in the museum – 1,000 people a day. They also started selling tickets with the exact date of visiting the museum. Due to visitors’ excitement the organizers decided to extend the exhibition to the end of March.

The legacy of ingenious Leonardo is safeguarded mostly in his manuscripts. They are small notebooks with drawings and notes, divided into a variety of different topics. Our contemporaries embodied his schemes and constructions into reality.

The exhibition was created in 2006 and residents from the US, Latin America, South Africa, Japan, Russia, the UK, and Western Europe had already visited it. Belarus is the 46th in the list of the countries where the exhibition took place. To Belarus it came from Israel. In general, the exhibition had millions of visitors worldwide.

All the exhibit items were created by Italian craftsmen in accordance with Leonardo da Vinci’s manuscripts with the help of the techniques and materials used in the Renaissance. The specialists studied more than 6,000 pages of da Vinci’s manuscripts, deciphered his codes, deliberate errors and mirror-image cursive that was used by the artist to keep his notes in secret.

“Leonardo da Vinci’s Inventions” exhibition absorbed the whole range of Leonardo’s interests. Visitors will be presented more than 200 exhibit items, among them are 75 maquettes made life-size according to the artist’s drafts. In the halls of the National Art Museum will appear a tank, a scuba tank, an aircraft, a bicycle, a parachute, a submarine, an ideal city, and many other inventions built exactly in the way Leonardo da Vinci planned them to make in the distant 15th century.

Apart from the masterpieces of engineering, hydraulics, anatomy, architecture, physics “Leonardo da Vinci’s Inventions” exhibition also reveals the secrets of his most famous works of art. Visitors will enjoy “The Last Supper”, “The Mona Lisa”, “The Vitruvian Man” and Leonardo's unique sculpture “Leonardo’s horse” in 3D.

Text and pictures by TUT.BY