Exhibition “Information” in Riga


The exhibition “Information” takes place at the Art Academy of Latvia; it’s dedicated to different aspects of graphic design. This is the third exposition in the Latvian contemporary design show and event series “Design Manifestation”.

According to the organizers, the role of information in the modern world is growing. Therefore, information design should be regarded as a territory that expects major changes. “Tactile and emotional contact given by a good book, magazine or other high-quality print product is still relevant and in demand. The offer of products and services can’t be imagined without quality packaging or advertising. However, apart from classical information media, people need new information formats – functional, interactive digital solutions. Exposition “Information” invites people so they can get acquainted with this diversity, realize that information design is an important aspect of any sphere,” explained the organizers.

“Information” is devoted to various aspects of information design – package and information on it, book graphics, publications design, navigation design, infographics, digital networks, electronic services, interactive and digital solutions on websites and other platforms. All the exhibits represent just a small part of Latvian designers’ creations.

The exhibition is divided into two zones: a workroom and a reading room. In the workshop one can find various aspects, digital tools and interactive solutions for graphic design. The reading room, in its turn, acquaints visitors with the print and electronic media that represent various aspects of design and are related to the 21st century events in the Latvian economic and cultural spheres.

The design exhibition series “Design Manifestation”, carried by the Ministry of Culture of Latvia, consists of several exhibitions and events, and each of them is dedicated to a different aspect of design. Within the framework of the exhibition series two expositions (“Reputation” and “Humanisation”) had been already opened. “Reputation” tells about the most important international achievements of Latvian design. “Humanisation” demonstrates usability and added value of Latvian design objects in various fields and everyday situations.

This year will be opened such exhibitions as “Situation” dedicated to the situation and achievements of Latvian contemporary design and “Design Walks” revealing graphic, interior, product and food design process at various locations in Riga. And “Fashion Manifestation” will allow visitors to enjoy fashion shows of the best Latvian fashion labels. Furthermore, “Design Manifestation” series is to provide some additional events – talks, discussions and workshops for a better understanding of design and its impact on people’s daily lives.

Text and pictures by TASS