Chechen writer demanded one billion dollars from director of “Avatar”


Ruslan Zakriyev, a Chechen writer, accused the “Avatar’s” director James Cameron of plagiarism, informs “Russian news service”. He intends to file lawsuit against the Hollywood director.

Zakriyev intends to sue third part of the blockbuster box-office. At the moment “Avatar” is the most commercially successful film in history; its box office revenue is $ 2.7 billion.

“Cameron has to give us one billion dollars out of three billion he had earned. I want to create a film studio and make movies. I have a lot of works, but I have no a studio to film,” stated the writer.

He claims that Cameron had used his novel “The Secret Weapon” as a screenplay for “Avatar”. The book was published on the website “” in 2002, while the movie was released in 2009.

The writer sent several letters to Cameron. Zakriyev’s lawyer Dmitry Kazatsker studied the director’s responses to say that the trial could take more than a year. “Cameron said that about ten or even more different authors from the US stated their novels had been used by Cameron and that Zakriyev had to join a queue.”

“Avatar” starring Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana had been created with the usage of a variety of innovative techniques, including motion capture technology. The film was nominated for “Oscar” in nine categories and it got three awards – “Best Cinematography”, “Best Visual Effects” and “Best Production Design”.

At the moment 113 Zakriyev’s works are published on the portal “”, including essays, historical fiction, detectives, fiction novels, plays and religion essays.

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