Film Battle for Sevastopol may be Oscar nominee from Russia and Ukraine


According to film producer Natalya Mokritskaya, such a double nomination will not be contrary to the award regulations and will increase its chances for the victory.

The war drama “Battle of Sevastopol” by Sergey Mokritsky may be nominated as "Best Foreign Language Film" from Russia and Ukraine.

“I believe that if the film is nominated from Russia and Ukraine, it will have more chances to win. It does not contradict the Oscar committee’s regulations, as it's a real co-production,” admitted Mokritskaya.

“The movie is Russian in its content, the creative group and the plot; as far as money is concerned, it is more Ukrainian, but in the rest – Russian,” specified Mokritskaya.

The film producer also reported that the Ukrainian co-producers really want the movie to be nominated for Oscar. “I do not know about the chances to nominate “Battle for Sevastopol” from Russia. I know that our academics like the film, but there are some problems. If they nominate it, I will be thankful, if not, I will understand them, as they have their own interests,” stressed the co-producer.

The Russian-Ukrainian film “Battle for Sevastopol”, starring Yulia Peresild, tells about the life of the most successful female sniper of World War II, Lyudmila Pavlichenko (she killed more than 300 Nazi soldiers and officers) in the period from 1937 to 1957. The story is narrated by US First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, who Pavlichenko met during her trip to America in 1942.

The role of Eleanor Roosevelt was performed by British actress Joan Blackham. The film also involved Yevgeny Tsyganov, Oleg Vasilkov, Nikita Tarasov, Anatoly Kot, and other actors. The film soundtracks are Victor Tsoy’s “Cuckoo” by Russian singer Polina Gagarina and the song “Obiymy” by Ukrainian group “Okean Elzy”.

The work on the film began in February 2013. The project was financially supported by the Russian Ministry of Culture and the Ukrainian State Committee for Cinematography. The film total budget amounted to about $5 million. The shooting took place from the autumn of 2013 to July 2014 in Sevastopol, Balaklava, Kyiv, Odessa, and Kamenets-Podolsky.

Text and pictures by TASS